LightAlarms Products

LightAlarms' product designers are on the forefront of new lighting design applications. Our highly skilled mechanical, electrical and software engineers and product designers are specialists with proven expertise in the emergency lighting industry.
High quality standards
Quality, safety, ease of installation, and long-term reliability are designed into each product from the beginning, ensuring excellence. All products undergo functional testing using our specialized quality inspection facilities. All Lightalarm emergency lighting products are manufactured for your needs. Once your order is placed, they will not accept cancelations or returns.
North American quality standards.
North American manufacturing for fast delivery Manufacturing, design and marketing of Lightalarm emergency lighting products is done in North America. The Lightalarm Development Center for Emergency Lighting is located in Montreal. With over 150 people on our North American manufacturing team, we have complete control over lead time, service, and quality. We can produce exactly what we need without waiting for a large production run or overseas shipment. For express service, we keep ready-to-ship stock in warehouses across the U.S.

Have a technical question about a LightAlarms product contact a LightAlarms support specialist at 888-552-6467.

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LightAlarms Products