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Self-Testing (2)
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Gray (2)
Nickel-Cadmium (NiCd) (2)
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Hazardous Location (2) Outdoor (2)
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X Damp Location X 24 Volt

Exit sign/emergency light combo units
Exit sign combo units are really a 2 for 1 solution and are the ideal solution where you need to install both an exit sign & an emergency light near each other. Exit combos allow you to maintain just one battery and unit while meeting two code requirements. There is a combo exit sign for almost every application and location.

Damp Location
A damp location is an interior location normally subject to dampness or condensation, or an exterior location protected from weather and not subject to saturation with water. Damp locations include over bathtubs, indoor pools, covered porches, and like locations.

24 Volt
24 Volt

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