BLK1000 Emergency Lighting Kit

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BLK1000 Emergency Lighting Kit

Application & Operation

The BLK1000 Emergency Lighting Kit is UL Classified for factory or field installation and allows for NFPA 101 compliant emergency lighting to be added to most new or existing luminaires, in the field or in a factory setting. This emergency lighting kit consists of electronic circuitry and a high-temperature maintenance-free lithium-ion battery, contained in one metal enclosure, an LED module light source, and installation lit. When AC power fails, the BLK1000 kit immediately switches to the emergency mode, using the internal battery to illuminate the included LED module. When operating from battery power, the BLK1000 kit is capable of delivering 1000 initial lumens and shall operate for a minimum of 90 minutes. When AC power is restored, the emergency lighting kit automatically returns to the charging mode and ceases to illuminate the kit's LED module. If used in an emergency-only fixture, no AC driver is necessary.


ABConnect (Automatic Bodine Connect) simplifies shipping, storage, installation, and commissioning of the emergency lighting luminaire. It allows for the luminaire to be installed and made ready for use without needing to reopen the luminaire when AC power is available, also avoiding unnecessary drain on the battery. Once activated, the product can also be manually disabled, allowing the product or the luminaire to be safely stored for extended periods of time. In the situation where the user manually deactivates the emergency operation for shipping or storing product via the test switch, the Automatic Bodine Connect feature reactivates power when the driver senses that AC current iss applied. This feature saves time, labor and the potential to overlook the converter connector step. This reduces the possibility of inadvertently discharging the battery prior to installation, whether in transit or storage.


STSelect (Self-Test Select) permits the product end user to enable or disable the self-test feature. This is useful when emergency LED drivers are installed in occupancies that require periods of darkness. Auditoriums, movie theaters and hospital operating rooms are just a few examples of these occupancy types. In these areas, the self-test feature would typically be disabled so the emergency luminaires do not illuminate during a scheduled self-test when inconvenient for the occupants. By default, the STSelect is set to enable the automatic self-testing feature. In occupancies where this is not desired, it should be disabled.


The BLK1000 kit does not affect normal fixture operation and may be used with either a switched or unswitched fixture. If a switched fixture is used, an unswitched hot lead must be connected to the emergency driver. The BLK1000 kit driver must be fed from the same branch circuit as the luminaire in which it is installed. Installation is not recommended with fixtures where the ambient temperature may fall below 0°C or climb above 55°C. The illuminated test switch (ITS) is a class 2 device. The BLK1000 kit is suitable for indoor and damp locations, and for installation in sealed and gasketed fixtures, including fixtures rated for wet locations. For more information about specific luminaire compatibility, please contact Technical Support.

BLK1000 Kit Includes

1x Emergency LED driver with integral battery

1x 1000 lumen LED module

1x Metal illuminated test switch - IP65, bi-color, plenum rated

1x Caution/charge indication/test switch label

1x Plenum rated LED module harness - 37" (960mm)

1x AC hook up wire set (black and white) - 27" (690mm), 18 AWG, solid

4x Self tapping mounting screws - 3/8"

Code Compliance

The BLK1000 complies with Part 15 of the FCC Regulations and meets CEC Title 20 (California Energy Commission) battery charging efficiency regulations. The emergency lighting kit shall be UL 924 Classified for factory or field installation in the US or Canada. Output LED load and ITS connections are all rated Class 2 per UL 1310. The BLK1000 contains automatic self-testing circuitry that can be enabled or disabled by a switch. If enabled, no action is required to perform the mandatory monthly and annual emergency lighting test. Faults in the system will be indicated by the flashing of the ITS. Depending on your local code requirements, the status of the ITS should be checked monthly to ensure there has been no fault found during the regular self-test. Installing the BLK1000 emergency lighting retrofit kit in a Listed luminaire does not affect the luminaire Listing.


Emergency lighting shall be provided by using a luminaire equipped with a Bodine BLK1000 Emergency Lighting Kit (emergency driver, LED module and accessories). The emergency driver shall consist of a high-temperature maintenance-free lithium-ion battery, charger, and other electronic circuitry contained in one metal enclosure. Electronic circuitry shall be self-testing in design and automatically test emergency lighting for a minimum of 30 seconds every 28 days and 90 minutes once a year. The self-testing function shall be able to be enabled and disabled after installation (STSelect).  A 2-wire, bi-color, illuminated test switch (ITS) shall be supplied with the installation hardware needed to install the emergency lighting kit in most standard luminaires.  The BLK1000 kit is capable of delivering 1000 lumens initially to the included LED module for a minimum of 90 minutes. The BLK1000 kit is suitable for indoor and damp locations, and for installation in sealed and gasketed fixtures, including fixtures rated for wet locations. The BLK100 driver shall comply with emergency standards set forth by the current NEC. The BLK1000 shall be self-testing (selectable) to comply with NFPA 101.  This device shall also comply with Part 15 of the FCC Rules and meet CEC Title 20 (California Energy Commission) efficiency standards. The BLK1000 kit shall be UL Classified for factory or field installation in the US and Canada.


Model BLK1000 is warranted for five (5) full years from date of manufacture. Please see detailed warranty information on our web site.

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