Dynamo LED Emergency Light

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Dynamo LED Emergency Light
Dynamo NEMA LED Emergency Light

As Configured:

Option Guide
  1. 06L available on DYN with 12 watt capacity
  2. DYN6 only available in the following configurations-DYN6, DYN6I, DYN6-4X, DYN6I-4X, DYN6I-4X-HTR, DYN6I-4X-FP, DYN6I-4X-HTR-FP
  3. DYN12 only available in the following configurations-DYN12, DYN12I, DYN12-4X, DYN12-4X-FP, DYN12I-4X, DYN12I-4X-HTR, DYN12I-4X-FP, DYN12I-4X- HTR-FP, DYN12-06L, DYN12I-06L, DYN12-4X-06L, DYN12-4X-FP-06L, DYN12I-4X-06L, DYN12I-4X-HTR-06L, DYN12I-4X-FP-06L, DYN12I-4X-HTR-FP-06L
  4. FP option must be ordered with 4X option. Example: DYN6I-4X-FP
  5. HTR option only available with Spectron®
  6. C1D2 Option only available with DYN6I-C1D2, DYN12I-C1D2, and DYN12I-C1D2-06L
  7. C2D1 Option only available with DYN6I-C2D1, DYN12I-C2D1, and DYN12I-C2D1-06L which includes shield

Weight: 8.5 lb
The "Dynamo” DYN Series is a highly versatile superior lumen output, industrial application emergency lighting unit, designed to provide a minimum of 90 minutes illumination when primary power is lost. The DYN Series provides the same level of lumen output with no light degradation for the full 90 minutes of battery discharge. It has a flame-rated, UV stable thermoplastic housing which is fully gasketed and corrosion resistant with a gray finish. LED based lamp-heads are made of high strength die-cast aluminum with polycarbonate lens. Includes micro-controller based 3-stage charger and Lithium Iron Phosphate(LiFePO4) battery. The DYN Series accepts 120 through 277VAC input at 50 or 60Hz. Not designed for self-diagnostic operation at 220-240VAC input. Universal mounting plate made of painted stamped steel. The Dynamo is specifically designed for demanding environments, high reliability operation in industrial settings such as wet location or hose-down, food processing, food storage, production facilities, chemical plant and wastewater treatment. Hazardous location emergency lighting units with optional C1D2 listed for use in NEC Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D and Class 1, Zone 2, Groups IIA, IIB, IIB+H2, IIC. Hazardous Location Emergency Lighting Units with optional C2D1 listed for use in NEC Class II, Division 1, Groups E, F and G, and Zone 20, 21 and Class 3.
The DYN series housing, covers, remote housing and shield are made of polycarbonate. Lamp-heads are made of die-cast aluminum for thermal dissipation. LED lenses are made of polycarbonate. The Food Processing(FP) and Class 2, Division 1(C2D1) optioned DYN includes a clear polycarbonate shield which fully covers the lamp-heads.

The unit includes a universal mounting plate which facilitates mounting to a truss or I-beam, pole, column, or wall. Included is a special bracket to ensure positive pole gripping when using bands. In wet or NEMA 4X applications, use UL listed water tight conduit fittings that meet the requirements of the UL 514B Standard for Conduit Tubing and Cable Fittings when using knockouts on the side or top of unit. All fittings supplied by others. C1D2 and C2D1 listed models include 2 each hazardous location rated conduit hubs with ground provision.

The DYN series provides bright and uniform illumination and is specifically designed for higher mounting heights above 9’. Coverage provided by 2 sealed aluminum lamp-heads using 3 high power LEDs each. The LEDs are located in a specially designed heat dissipating lamp-head which is fully adjustable and can be locked into position. The DYN is designed for full lumen output across the entire 90 minutes of operation. This ensures maximum visibility of the egress path over the full 90 minute discharge period.

LED Lifetime Warranty
DYN Standard Model- 3 Year Full
DYN Spectron Model- 5 Year Full

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