Synchron DLS Series Inverter

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Synchron DLS Series Inverter
Synchron DLS Series is designed for indoor installation in commercial or industrial applications where emergency power is required.

As Configured:

Option Guide
  1. Pricing includes sealed lead calcium batteries (shipped seperately).
  2. Input and output voltage will match.
  3. A maximum of six normally-on monitored or ten unmonitored circuit breakers may be specified.
  4. A maximum of four, normally-off circuit breakers may be specified.
  5. Not available with 30 amp breaker rating.
  6. 400 and 525 VA models are supplied with one 15 amp normally-on output circuit breaker; optional circuit breakers available on 750-2100 VA models only.

Weight: 143 lb
Single-phase central lighting inverter
  • Uninterruptible emergency AC power system
  • No break" design transfers the load instantaneously when normal power is interrupted
  • 90 minute emergency operation
  • Single-phase
  • Input/Output Voltage: 120VAC, 277VAC
  • 60 Hz operation
  • Sizes available from 400 VA/Watts to 2100 VA/Watts
  • AC-output breaker standard on 400 and 525VA models
  • For normally-on and normally-off loads
  • For switched loads using ATSD 20 transfer switches
  • 100% load compatible with any lighting source, including HID
  • Off line design for high efficiency up to 98%
  • Microprocessor controlled pulse width modulation (PWM) using IGBT technology
  • Three LED status indicators and an audible alarm provide inverter operating mode status
  • Overload and short-circuit protection
  • Maintenance-free lead-calcium batteries
  • Push button test switch
  • Optional: Output circuit breakers in 750 through 2100 VA/Watts models
  • Optional: Monitored or unmonitored output circuit breaker supervision
  • Optional: Monitoring Program (MP)
  • Optional: Preventive Maintenance Program (PMP)
  • Optional: Additional Training Visit (ATV)

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