DBEL-ACEM-HL Emergency Light

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DBEL-ACEM-HL-BR Emergency Light
The DBEL-ACEM-HL decorative cold weather outdoor die-cast LED emergency light.

As Configured:

Weight: 10 lb
The DBEL-ACEM-HL decorative cold weather outdoor die-cast LED emergency light.
  • Long lasting, efficient, ultra bright white LEDs.
  • 12.0 watts (2 LEDs x 6.0 watt) per unit.
  • Mirror-bright reflector and prismatic polycarbonate refractor.
  • Can be used as a Normally-ON or Normally-OFF luminaire as well as on a switched circuit.
  • Dissipates 1286 lumens in AC mode and 350 lumens in DC mode. Universal 120-277 voltage.
  • Charge rate/power "ON” LED indicator light and push-to-test switch for mandated code compliance testing.
  • 4.8V long life, maintenance-free, rechargeable NiCd battery.
  • Internal solid-state transfer switch automatically connects the internal battery to LED board for minimum 90-minute emergency illumination.
  • Fully automatic solid-state, two rate charger initiates battery charging to recharge a discharged battery in 24 hours.
  • Self-diagnostic feature performs monthly, bi-annual, and annual tests to ensure reliable operation and meets electrical and life safety codes.
  • Photocell control sensor included as standard for use as dusk-to-dawn luminaire.
  • Field-selectable wiring allows for AC operation of unit to be controlled using a wall-switch, photocell or other switching mechanism.
  • Universal knockout pattern on back plate for wall mount.
  • Threaded opening at the top of the enclosure for conduit mount.

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