GFY-670 6V 7Amp SLA Battery

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GFY-670 SLA Battery
GFY-670 SLA Battery ELB 0607 Lithonia Battery Oracle FS670 6V 7Amp UB670 (6V 7aHr) Battery DG6-7 Battery MK ES7-6 6V 7.2Ah F1 Dura6-7.2F 6V 7.2aH LC-R067R2P 6V 7Ah LP6-7-T1 6V 7Ah NP7-6 6V, 7.0Ah PK670 6V 7.0Ah ML7-6 6 Volt 7 Amp Hr. SLA7-6 6 Volt 7Ah SP6-7-T1 6 Volt 7Ah Yuasa NP7-6 6V, 7.0Ah Jiming JM-6M7.2AC Battery SW670 (6V7Ah) BL670 BL670
The GFY-640 replacement SLA battery has the following characteristics:
  • 6 Volt 7 Amp Hour
  • F1 type connectors
  • Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) Technology
  • Maintenance-Free Design with Spill Proof Construction
  • U.L. Recognized and CE Certified
  • Brand New, Factory Fresh
  • 1 Year Warranty

Product Specifications

Nominal Voltage 6 V
Rated Capacity - 20hr 7 Ah
Discharge Current (20hr) 350 mA
Length 5.95"
Width 1.34"
Height 3.7"
Ht. Over Terminal 3.94"
Weight 2.42lbs
Terminal F1

SKU: GFY-670
Weight: 2.25 lb

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