EFXP Transfer Panel

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EFXP Transfer Panel
EFXP Explosion-proof transfer panel

As Configured:

Option Guide
  1. 50W maximum

Base SKU: Transfer Panel
Weight: 5 lb
Transfer panel (to order separately with AC/DC exit signs)
  • A transfer panel is only required for AC/DC hazardous location EFXP exit signs that are under constant operation as required by code. Transfer panels are not designed to be installed/mounted in a hazardous or explosive area. Transfer panels are to be mounted remotely from these types of areas.
  • Transfer panel available for up to 100W
  • To order a transfer panel the following information is required:
    1. AC input: 120V or 277V
    2. DC voltage
    3. The total load wattage of all EFXP lamp(s) to be supplied by transfer panel


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