GLO BRITE® P50 Exit Signs

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GLO BRITE® P50 Exit Signs
The P50 exit sign is versatile enough to be used in commercial buildings, stores, schools, and offices. This sign is UL 924 listed for up to 50 feet viewing distance and charges with LED, fluorescent, mercury vapor or metal halide light sources.

Base SKU: 72xx
Weight: 3 lb
Glo Brite® P50 Exit signs are available in acrylic, aluminum and plastic frames, and provide a contemporary appearance to complement the interior design of front offices, hotels, motels, and shopping malls. Glo Brite® P50 exit signs charge with LED, fluorescent, metal halide or mercury vapor light sources. The sign is suitable for both high and low-level locations and provides consistent, uniform illuminated visibility at 50 feet. Also available from the P50 series is a wall mounted exit sign suitable for less formal interiors and movable construction areas.
  • Visible at 50 feet
  • Zero energy consumption - zero cost, green design, sustainable
  • Zero maintenance - no bulbs, no battery replacement
  • Non-toxic, non-radioactive
  • No disposal cost
  • Designed for wall, flag and ceiling mount
  • Plastic frame for wall mount only
  • Can be used for both high-level and low-level applications
  • Movable if egress paths change
  • Thin, low profile construction
  • Consistent, uniform illumination
  • Recyclable
  • LEED points contributor
  • Available in red or green lettering

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