BOL-WP-R-2-24V-MR16-10W Weatherproof Remote

by Beghelli
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Bolla WP Vandal Resistant Remote
The Bolla WP Remote has a NEMA 4X rating and protects the remote against moisture and dust ingress as well as corrosion. The Bolla WP stands up to abuse in applications such as schools, corridors, institutions and apartment complexes.

Product Specs: Modify this BOL-WP-R
  • Lamp: Double Lamp
  • Capacity: 24 Volt
  • Lamp Type: 10W MR16
  • Custom Color: No
  • Wireguard: No

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SKU: BOL-WP-R-2-24V-MR16-10W
Weight: 4 lb


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