EST-12-125-2BTMR-50WMR16 Industrial Emergency Light

by Beghelli
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EST Industrial Emergency Light
EST Industrial Emergency Light EST Industrial Emergency Light
The EST 6V/12V/24V emergency unit offers durable construction, easy installation and the ability to adapt to your emergency lighting head specifications.

Product Specs: Modify this EST
  • Operation: 12V 125W
  • Emergency Heads: Double MR16
  • Lamp Type: 50W MR16
  • Auto-Test: No
  • Housing Color: White
  • Ammeter: No
  • Audible Alarm: No
  • Cord Set, 120V Only: No
  • Fire Alarm Interface: No
  • Infrared Testing: No
  • Time Delay: No
  • Tamper Proof Screws: No
  • Voltmeter: No
  • Terminal Block: No

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