C1D2-C-12-180-LG-1-2LRWP-9W Hazardous Combo Unit

by Mule Lighting
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C1D2-C Series Hazardous Combo Unit
C1D2-C Series Hazardous Combo Unit C1D2-C-G
The C1D2 COMBOhas a standard 120/277VAC universal input. The solid state, high dual rate charger provides precise voltage control and incorporates a low voltage disconnect for optimum protection.

Product Specs: Modify this C1D2-C
  • Operation/Battery: 12V-180W SLA
  • LED Color: Green
  • Faces: Single
  • Emergency Heads: Double
  • Lamp Type: 9W
  • Auto-Test: No
  • Time Delay: No
  • Tamper Proof Screws: No
  • Ammeter: No
  • Voltmeter: No
  • Special Wording: No
  • Fire Alarm Interface: No
  • Side Mount Heads: No
  • Teflon Coating: No
  • Wire Guard: No
  • Buy America Compliant: No

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